Refugees Services

We have 18 years to deliver food aid to the refugee camps in south Sudan and Darfur before and during the rainy season blocks the roads. GISI planed with governments of Sudan and Chad for ensuring the safe passage of these convoys through 2,800 kilometers of roughs road from the origins to the final destinations. Since August 1986, GISI has been providing this crucial ground transport corridor from the port of Sudan to up country. This ensures that GISI can transport food distributions , containers and equipments. GISI provides excellent services to refugee’s camps for assistance and had special trucks to move an emergency relief convoy.

Camps Tents

GISI offer camping gear and camping Tents and equipment. We have designed to make your next camping experience as pleasurable as possible. We are campers ourselves and have personally used many of the items we carry in our camping supply store. We offer to improve your camping experience. Some of the camping equipment brands we are authorized agents camping tents, and campingequipments includingcamp cooking equipment and camp stoves. To add some comfort to your camping, check our camping supplies store. If you have any ideas about how we can serve you better, please do not hastate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Ambulance Servicers

GISI Ambulance Service has been providing Quality Medical Transportation Services for more than fifteen years. We provide services throughout the entire State of Sudan through various satellite stations. We have an extensive fleet of Ambulances and Chair Cars to serve our patients in a quick and timely fashion.   Our comprehensive line of medical transportation and support services includes: Paramedic—Intermediate & Basic Ambulances Bariatric Transport Services Neo-Natal, Pediatric Transports & Chair van Transport Services Continuing Education Services for Healthcare Facilities Ambulance coverage for various special events For more information about the wide range of services available by GISI, including our ambulance services, chair car services &medical transportation services.

Convoy Services

  Convoy Services, GISI will customize a Fleet Services Management Program to meet your individual organization and companies needs – providing you, our valued client, with minimum risk and maximum benefit to your bottom line. We provide qualified and experienced drivers or driver fleets to transportation and distribution companies throughout the Mid-South region. We specialize in the administrative operations sought after by today’s premier freight haulers, including driver recruiting and retention, complete payroll administration, workers compensation claim filing, driver log auditing and federal reporting requirements.Our Fleet Services Management team uses our strict minimum DOT requirements in the recruiting, screening and training of all Convoy drivers. Each Convoy driver must complete our safety orientation and pass a half hour road test prior to being offered as…