Construction Equip.

AL GURASHI construction equipment, some of these equipment located out site Khartoum. AL GURASHI also has some other equipment of the same type under control and can be available when required.

construction1- Bulldozers: CAT/Komatsu

  • D-7 Total of ——9——— Units.
  • D-8n Total of ——5——— Units.
  • D-9 Total of ——-5——– Units.

2- Motor Graders: CAT/Komatsu

  • G-14 Total of ——-7——– Units.
  • G-16 Total of ——–4——- Units.

3- Scrapers

  • AL GURASHI owned a Total of —–6—— Units

const014- Dump trucks

  • Having a total of ——40——— units of 16 cu.m & 18 cu.m capacities.

5- Front End Loaders/ forklift. (980-950 – CAT)

  • AL GURASHI having a total of ——2—— units of Front End Loaders and a total of —–2——- units of Forklift.

6- Back Hoe – Excavators

  • We have a total of —–2—- units of Backhoes and a total of —2— units of Excavators.

7- Roller compactors/sheep Foot/smooth drum Roller

  • AL GURASHI has a total of ——4——– units of sheep foot and —4—– units of Smooth Roller.

8- Water Tankers

  • Having owned a total of —121— units of Fuel and Water Tankers.

9- Cranes

  • We have a total of —-8——- units (15 mt – to 50 mt).
  • Heavy-Lift Fleet and construction Equipments

 The company provides new fleet and These units and equipments under the supervision of wellqualified engineers and drivers and technicians. They have a good knowledge of Kurdofan and Darfur areas as general because they have conducted several operations with Chevron during its operation in Sudan.