GISI Administration

contract-signingThis division carried all the activities and functions related to its scope of activities. During the past years, AL Gurashi through this division had executed several projects, breakdown are as follows:

  • Provision of food supplies and other services by our company. MIDO International Company for China Petroleum Engineering Construction Company (CPECC), cars, catering, man power (drivers, administration officers, cooks, electricians, welders, security and laborer), tents, welding machines, generators, water for the  survey department for the period of 2 Years beside the provision of the First Aid Stations.
  • Provision of drivers, engineers, mechanics, officer, clerks, welders, electricians, crane   operators, heavy machines operators, security, water and food supplies, tents, water tanks (drinking water) beside the provision of first Aid for the mobile camps for LOSC company.GISI-Administration Division
  • Provision of manual labors for companies upon their request in or out side Khartoum.
  • Provision of transport for CPECC staff from the airport to CPECC residences in Khartoum.
  • Provision of catering services for Federal Air Lines passenger from 1994 up to April 1998.
  • Contracted to carry out the custom clearance activities for CPECC.
  • For the execution of such project this division had set up small medical unit for the provision of the First Aid Station as called of in its safety program.