GISI None Food Item’s

AL Gurashi Supply  Services

AL Gurashi Co. did a very good job on this project and good performance for the managements in Supply and transportation with fast delivery to the final destinations. GOAL Ireland Sudan – order reference: – T- GO- SDN- KTM- 271206- NFI kits

Al Gurashi Company did the contract with Goal Sudan for supply 4000 NFI kits to 03 locations in south Sudan ( Abiey – Kassala and Malakal).

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GloballGoal Procurement Manager Miss Mary Tennent , strong Women Managing this Project , she is controlling the Planning and Schedule of receiving. Chairman and the Board directors of al Gurashi company, recommended this Operation.

We do the contract with Concern World Wide for supply NFI items and transportation. – Contract Reference SUD/ KHT/ 02/07/001 to Kauda at Nuba hills in Sudan, atotal of 4140 kits and this operation recommended by Concern World Wide – Sudan.



GOAL Ireland, Sudan Project NFI Kits 2007  |  Concern World Wide , Sudan Project NFI Kits 2007

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