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Freight forwarding & Customs Clearance Services:

Our company is an international forwarder. The company specializes in international logistics of, air transport services, inland transportation, rail logistic, river transport, supply, local purchases, import/export customs declaration, storage, trucking, and rig move, etc. We have our own department of Import & Export agency, Container trucks, several warehouses and container yard.

We have branches in China, Hong Kong, Germany, Egypt, Dubai, Ethiopia, and office in the main ports of Sudan.

The company has established good relationships with various shipping lines during long time business partnerships. We can offer good freight from or to The Middle East, & Sudan, especially for the line from Ningbo

We always try our best to supply the most effective and optimized service. We are professional, experienced, well managed and with strong partnership foundations and a competent team. All these will facilitate our better development.

Our company target is to be one of the influential, well market-shared and prestigious professional companies of international logistics We hope you will be one of our important clients in the near future.


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