Joint Venture and Subcontractors

In an era of great flux in the commercial world, many companies are coming together forming strategic alliances and various partnering arrangements. These strategic, often complementary and at times cross boundary relationships are the new models for doing business in today’s market place. Taking heed to this very fact; AMID’s determination and enthusiasm in forming of its past joint ventures and other types of partnerships with prominent domestic and International concerns were no exception to the rule. In fact such practice was in line with our vision to build an enduring and advanced Logistics, supply, and transportation Project Management Organization which is capable of fulfilling major projects.

Below is a comprehensive list of companies with which AL Gurashi Company has signed agreements to form a joint venture, consortium, and/or other types of cooperation for various projects in the last 04 years.

GISI Logistics have been trading for over 23 years, specializing in the movement of ‘bulk’ volumes of raw materials, food commodities, containers, heavy Equipment …etc and supply food and non food items throughout the Sudan.

Operating a modern fleet of our own articulated ‘tipper’ vehicles, low beds, Barges, rig move, air lift and subcontractors, each one now offers a typical payload of different capacity. We are capable of fulfilling orders ranging from a single load to thousands of tonnes per week, carrying literally any commodity.

We would be grateful for the opportunity to quote for any movements that you currently have, or expect to have in the future. Opportunities also exist to complement our existing fleet of subcontractors and owner drivers on either a permanent or spot hire basis. Trailers hire and fuel bunkering is also available at competitive rates. Contact us now.

Agreements signed between Al Gurashi Company and other companies for joint cooperation for various projects:

  •  Substructure Co. Construction and Engineering Company
  • Mido International Co.
  • Hassabo Trading and Transport Co. LTD
  • Nile Petroleum Company
  • Transportation companies
  • M.HM Clearance & Forwarding Agencies
  • EL Khabir Concrete Company
  • Shanix Machinery Equipment Imp. & Exp. Corporation (China)
  • Noga Company (Dubai)
  • EL Majal Aviation Services Co. LTD
  • Gharb EL Niwair for river transport