Supply and Logistics

The supply and demand placed on warehouse and distribution is greater than ever. The warehouse and distribution provide both movement and storage and have become the points in the logistics systems where a firm stores, holds, and moves raw materials, semi finished goods or finished goods.

At GISI Group. We understand this demand and have designed a distribution & warehouse support with the following value-adding roles to accommodate and meet our customer’s needs.

  • Transportation
  • Consolidation
  • Product mixing
  • Otheractivities associated with products (packing, shrink-wrapping, palletizing, sorting, segregating  and labeling)
  • We will provide operations to reduce cycle time, lower inventory, and lower cost and provide better customer service:
  • Receive goods from a transport network
  • Transfer goods safely into a designated place in the warehouse
  • Select the combination of goods for each customer order
  • Load shipment for shipping to the customer
  • Trucking services  (deliveries)

Our services can be tailored to fit a variety of short and long-term solutions. Please contact us for further details or to discuss specific needs.


Logistics has an impact on the overall productivity of companies when they are faced with challenges and threats. To respond to these threats and challenges every company needs to improve each activity associated with logistics.
GISI Group. we understand the competitiveness of this environment and have dedicated a service to compress cycle time, reduce lead time in responding to a customer order, maximize inventory control and provide better customer service.
Our logistics department has a high degree of control in making a significant reduction in cycle time by using our “fastest’’ concept based in 4 activities to improve cost savings:

  • Faster order transmittal
  • Faster order processing
  • Faster order preparation
  • Faster shipment and inland transportation delivery